7 Ways to Find Top Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

What do you do if you’re a Board Chair who has simply acquired note of your Executive Director’s resignation or retirement? Or what if you’re an Executive Director who has simply found out that your Development Director may be leaving? If it’s a crucial or hard-to-fill position, your first step might be to accomplice with a professional executive search firm – but how do you discover the right one?

In this digital age of statistics, you will have no shortage of options on the subject of recruiters. The mission is regularly sorting thru all of them to pick out which seek firms are without a doubt informed and reputable with regards to your hiring needs. As a first step, you may need to locate businesses that have successful track records filling nonprofit management positions, which require an unprecedented blend of competencies and persona developments to withstand the pains of mission-driven work.


Here are a simple few guidelines for wherein to appearance with regards to finding seek firms focusing on recruiting for nonprofit companies:

1. Online Information Hubs

Many human beings evidently look to Google to locate what they need. The net is a fantastic resource, however, be aware that now not all records are accurate or legit. Certain companies regularly create lists of ‘pinnacle seek companies’ in reality to feature their very own name to the list and to seem on the first page of Google’s results. Be certain to appear carefully at how any list of top seek companies changed into compiled. For broader pointers and recommendations, take a look at our trustworthy websites from reputable businesses that offer numerous suggestions for nonprofits and Board Members, such as Bridgespan or BoardSource. You’ll locate information about govt transition planning, reimbursement studies, and more. To get started, test out “A Nonprofit Organization’s Guide to Engaging a Search Firm”.

2. Trusted Nonprofit Search Networks

Like nonprofits, well seek corporations also form networks to share first-class practices and adhere to a code of ethics. The Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants (NNSC) is a professional employer comprised of a number of the main search consultants inside the United States and Canada. All contributors specialize in providing retained search offerings for nonprofit corporations.

3. Nonprofit Affiliates or Alliances for Organizations

Compile a brief list of your nonprofit’s affiliations and memberships. Depending on your quarter, your enterprise may belong to an alliance of peer agencies that share a commonplace vision or cause. For example, organizations that serve youngsters and households regularly belong to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. Contact statewide nonprofit associations or maybe a national community of similar organizations to look if any have enjoyed running with seeking companies.


4. Professional Membership Associations for Individuals

Reach out to professional corporations geared toward nonprofit executives and/or fundraisers. Some examples consist of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), or the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) – just to call a few. Depending on the placement you're filling, it may be helpful to approach respected peers in that field. Some may additionally have direct revel in hiring seek firms or even operating with them as candidates.

5. Job Postings

Check out nonprofit job boards to see if recruiting companies are advertising for Executive Directors or Development Directors on your region or area. Examples include the career sections inside The Nonprofit Times, Philanthropy News Digest and Chronicle of Philanthropy. If a recruiter is involved, a link to start the software process typically results in their enterprise’s internet site as opposed to the nonprofit’s website. Be positive to reach out to the client businesses to listen to direct feedback about their experience with specific corporations whenever possible.

6. Connective Community Forces

Most metropolitan areas have clearinghouses that provide assistance to nonprofits as well as the broader community. For example, your neighborhood or local United Way can be capable of sharing a listing of similar organizations that have used search corporations for key management positions inside the past. Community foundations and faith-based totally federations can also be assets when it comes to identifying nonprofit executive search companies. Even if they have no longer worked with a recruiter without delay, they will be able to offer you with names of organizations to contact without delay.

7. Personal Recommendations

Don’t overlook to ask for advice and pointers to seeking companies in your very own social circles. Word-of-mouth suggestions may be very valuable, especially if their search changed into a comparable enterprise or position. To join the dots, browse your LinkedIn connections to see who has served as an Executive Director or Board Member for similar groups. Simply attain out to a team of workers or Board participants at the one's locations who may also have interacted at once with a firm to be able to gain non-public perception about their experience.

Once you’ve advanced a shortlist of search companies to consider, the next step is to in my view contact each enterprise to describe your scenario and see who's the excellent fit. You’ll want to invite approximately their enjoy running with nonprofit agencies and their recruiting style, in addition to their rate structure and timeline. Also, ask approximately any guarantees they provide to make sure the fulfillment of your new hire.